THE BLACK PATH - Pre-listening now!

Check out our Player next to this text to take a peek into "THE BLACK PATH".

And on Friday finally the day will have come! "THE BLACK PATH" will hit the stores! After  a year of work on this album we're overjoyed to see you can go out and get what we've got for you. And now we'll let the games begin:

- Friday 4th of April release-parties all over Germany!

- Saturday 5th of April release-concert at Magnet, Berlin!

- Potsdam will get served on the 6th of April!

- Us at yours special!

- THE BLACK PATH Tour 2008!

- The Black Festival Tour 2008!

- New homepage!

- and lot more to come...

Less talk more rock... Now feel free to go and listen to the snippets we prepared for you :-)


p.s.: Order THE BLACK PATH here: amazon.de


Emil Bulls at Hurricane Rock

Hello fans and friends,

On Tuesday 1st of April we at Hurricane Rock have the honor to welcome Emil Bulls and their new Album "THE BLACK PATH" at our studio. The band will be talking with our two metal-heads Damian and Kenji. Topics will be the new album, the upcoming tour and the CD-release parties (taking place all over Germany and at the Rockstudio, Munich on 04.04.08).

There'll be plenty to hear from the new album and we'll have three VIP-packages for the Release Party in Munich, including free entry and a bottle of vodka for you and 4 of your friends. 

Check it out at http://www.hurricane-rock.de/

Uncle SaLLY*S Party, Berlin!

sally*sTV vs. EMIL BULLS

Or watch it here:


EMP The Black Path Special!

The boys and girls at EMP seem to like our new album so much, they decided to put out an exclusive special:

Get THE BLACK PATH with an exclusive Mesh Cap, only available at EMP, Europes largest mail-order. Strictly limited to 150 pieces!

We like caps, anyone who knows will confirm this. And these are embroidered with our logo. Trés chique... 

Here's the link:  http://www.emp.de/link/?id=259



The album "THE BLACK PATH" will finally be in stores on the 4th of April, therefore there's a lot of news from us:

*EMIL BULLS in your living-room*

No, this ain't no joke - this is the deal: To say thank you for your support we want to reward you. Everyone who buys the album can take the booklet and goes to meet our merchandiser at the next EMIL BULLS Show to register and take part in the lottery. By the end of June one of the entrants will be the lucky one! We'll head over to your home and play there, plus we bring the beer! It's up to you wether you invite your grandma or 1000 friends, anyway you do it you'll definately be famous in your neighbourhood.

*Get your album signed*

Your personal copy of the album with our signature? Meet us at the following stores to personalize your BLACK PATH

04.04.08 - Munich, Müller im Tal at 15:00 CET

05.04.08 - Berlin, Vopo Records at 16:00 www.vopo-records.de

06.04.08 - Leipzig tba

*6 out of 6 points in METAL HAMMER Germany*


We can't believe this. METAL HAMMER, the largest magazine for heavy music in Europe gives us 6 points for the "THE BLACK PATH". Top score! We're absolutely flattered, read more reviews soon, everywhere! 

*New Website*

Together with our Koma-Grafik head-designer Torti (www.koma-grafik.de) we're currently working on a new layout for our website, which will be online on time for our release. We're excited to hear what you'll think of it.


This will be an atomic bomb, as fans will know. Newbies will still have to find out!!! 

We're also happy to be the headliner for this years ROCK AM RING WARM UP. On June 5th, the night before the official festival we'll get you fired up and ready for Metallica, Rage Against The Machine and all the other great bands... details are soon to follow.

Piranha, Myspace.com, Uncle Sally's. Slam and Gaesteliste.de present:


 05.04. Berlin Magnet  - RELEASE GIG @ UNCLE SALLY’s PARTY support: Random Hero + Samavayo

 06.04. Potsdam Waschhaus  (support: Loco)

 17.04. A- Wien Viper Room (support: From Constand Visions + Butterfly Coma)

 18.04. A - Pettenbach Bauhof  (support: From Constand Visions + Butterfly Coma)

 19.04. A - St.Peter/Wimberg Höller  (support: Eternal Tango)

 21.04. Köln Underground (support: From Constand Visions + Butterfly Coma)

 22.04. Bochum Matrix (support: From Constand Visions + Butterfly Coma)

 23.04. Weinheim Cafe Central (support: From Constand Visions + VP1)

 25.04. Magdeburg Factory (support: From Constand Visions + Leaf Fat)

 26.04. Erbendorf Stadthalle (support: From Constand Visions + Leaf Fat + Decon)

 27.04. FFM Nachtleben (support: Silent Decay + Leaf Fat)

 30.04. Sonthofen Barfly (support: Silent Decay)

 01.05. Karlsruhe Substage (support: Silent Decay + Grantig)

 02.05. Ulm Roxy (support: Silent Decay + Grantig)

 03.05. Amberg Klärwerk (support: Claus Grabke + Silent Decay)

 05.05. Nürnberg Hirsch (support: Silent Decay + Grantig)

 08.05. SLO – Ljubliana (w/ Leaf Fat)

 09.05. SLO – Maribor (w/ Leaf Fat)

 10.05. SLO – Nova Gorica (w/ Leaf Fat)

 16.05. Traunstein Metropolitain ((support: tba)

 17.05. München Backstage + Special-Show mit Butterfly Coma, Grantig, From Constant Vision + Freak Out Aftershowparty – Tickets at www.muenchenticket.de now!

 20.05. Hamburg Logo (support: tba)

 21.05. Kassel Sommersause 

 31.05. Kronach Festung Rockt Festival

 05.06. Nürburgring, ROCK AM RING Warm Up

Find current tour-dates, support-bands and info at www.emilbulls.de

*Videohits and no end in sight*

Two weeks have past since our video-release for the first single "THE MOST EVIL SPELL" and already we've reched 10.000 views! Unbelievable! If haven't seen it yet, check this out:


*Special BLACK PATH packages*

Exlusively at our shop and at great value:

Get the "BLACK PATH PACKAGE" including the new album, the brand-new "BLACK PATH" t-shirt and a new poster and buttons! 

Or get the "LIVE SPECIAL" including the new album, the brand-new "BLACK PATH" t-shirt and a ticket for the BLACK PATH TOUR.

Exclusively at http://www.emilbulls.com/hellyeah

You can order the new album here already: 


Order it now and take part in the "EMIL BULLS in your living-room" special (as specified above)!!!


The new Emil Bulls album "THE BLACK PATH" will hit the stores on the 4th of April. 

This calls for appropriate measures of celebration, obviously. These will take the form of loud and alcohol-infused THE BLACK PATH RELEASE PARTIES! 

Unfortunately we cannot be present at everyone of them, but we'll be represented by our CDs with the new album, exclusive caps, brand-new posters and a lot more. All this will be drawn by lots at the parties. So if you're up for a good time and good music and clubs, check this out:


02.04.08 - Rockfabrik - Augsburg

03.04.08 - Lorbass - Gelnhausen

03.04.08 - Matrix Waldhaus - Ludwigsburg

04.04.08 - E-Werk - Erlangen                 

04.04.08 - Chez Heinz - Hannover          

04.04.08 - Rockclub U2 - Ingolstadt

04.04.08 - Club Prag  - Stuttgart

04.04.08 - Rockstudio - München

04.04.08 - Matrix - Bochum

05.04.08 - Luna  - Kiel (Hörsturz Party)

05.04.08 - Barfly - Sonthofen

05.04.08 - Katakombe - Karlsruhe

09.04.08 - MK4 Musikkeller - Moringen

11.04.08 - Viersen - Trafostation

11.04.08 - Kufa - Saarbrücken

12.04.08 - Loop - Nürnberg

12.04.08 - Garage, Kleiner Club - Saarbrücken

14.04.08 - Südbahnhof  - Chemnitz 

18.04.08 - Rockfabrik  - Nürnberg 

24.04.08 - Lorbass - Gelnhausen

We know many of these clubs and their owners personally and are proud to see they're throwing these parties for us and the new album.


Review at acousticshock.de

This way please to the BLACK PATH review at acousticshock.de

Order THE BLACK PATH here for example. 

Or order it here.




We're excited to present "THE BLACK PATH" in Slovenia! Since we were able to experience the great hospitality at the Rock Otocec near Novo Mestro, we're looking forward to visiting Ljubliana, Maribor and Nova Gorica! We'll be joining LeafFat who will support us on some dates in Germany in exchange. 


Check Dates for more information 


So long...



We put together some great specials for you!


CD The Black Path +

T-Shirt The Black Path +

The Black Goodie Bag (= new Tour-Poster und 4 brandnew Buttons)


CD The Black Path + 

T-Shirt + 

Ticket for the Black Path Tour

Check it out!


See ya!


You're the bomb! We're shooting a video - you're there to go total crazy. We're putting out a new single for free at myspace - there you are to download it like mad. This really rocks and we're delighted by all that great feedback we're getting for "THE MOST EVIL SPELL"! Thank You!

"THE BLACK PATH" is about to take off and we're heading towards our tour in giant steps. Of course we've invited some of our friends to come and join us on our black path. Each night one or two of these bands will open at our shows during this tour. 

From Constant Visions: myspace.com/fromconstantvisions

Grantig: myspace.com/grantig

Silent Decay: myspace.com/silentdecaybavaria

Leaf Fat: myspace.com/leaffat

Butterfly Coma: myspace.com/butterflycoma

You can send the video for "THE MOST EVIL SPELL" to your friends. Check this out (click!)



THE MOST EVIL SPELL Single Release!!!

Check out our single "THE MOST EVIL SPELL" at myspace and see our new video! Plus get the new single for free!

"We thought a lot about giving away our music for free, with all the work and sweat we invested in it, " frontman Christoph reflects upon the sense or nonsense of such a special. "But in the end we decided that this was the perfect way of saying ThankYou to our fans, for supporting us over the years. We know we're actually just giving them something in advance. So this more like a little appetizer. We're giving them a fix so to speak." 

Christoph is confident, that giving a single track away for free will motivate the audience to go and get "THE BLACK PATH", to be released on the 04.04.2008.

Request "THE MOST EVIL SPELL" at you're local metal-club! Get your DJ to play the new EMIL BULLS single! (he'll catch an "evil spell" if he doesn't...)

Feel free to leave a comment here or at myspace.com/emilbulls 

See ya!


Find more pictures here (click!)

Thanks to all you insane boys and girls for wrecking our rehearsal place. This was just how we imagined it!




If you come by the latest issues of the  German METAL HAMMER and STARDUST check the studio-reports! 


This is to confirm that we will rock out with you! Twice!

1) Release Party @ Rockstudio

 THE BLACK PATH will hit the stores on the 4th of April. We'd like to celebrate this with you at the Rockstudio in Munich. Since we're not going to play live, we can party even harder!

We're definitely looking forward to this!


When? May 17th.

Where? At home Munich at the Backstage of course!

Your chance to see our legendary Munich-show at the Backstage, with a big fat Freak Out Emil Bulls Aftershow-party. Yeah!




05.04.08 Magnet, Berlin

The setting for the release of the new album will be the biggest rock-party in Berlin! We're joining forces with UNCLE SALLY*S to raise hell at the Magnet. You're all invited to get a fistful of new EMIL BULLS songs. 

The bomb...

Tickets go at 8,- Euro (plus pre-sales fee) or 10,- Euro at the door

online tickets: http://www.koka36.de/ 


New record label and release date confirmed!!!


EMIL BULLS have found a new home with DRAKKAR/ SONY BMG. The Company decided the cooperation in a cloak and dagger operation after hearing the new recordings. The label's manager Marius Kopec was instantly convinced and is looking forward to working with the band.

The BULLS are now label-mates with great bands such as THE SORROW, GRANTIG, MISERY SPEAKS and LORDI. The Band would like to thank th other interested parties for their effort and look forward to this cooperation.


After signing the deal we agreed on the 4th of April 2008 as a release date. THE BLACK PATH will be released all over Europe!   Therefore there will be a tour throughout the continent soon.


A brand-new single "The Most Evil Spell" plus video will be released in March. We still casting for the shoot. Fans and people who want to go crazy in this video should come back next week for more information. 


13 brand-new Songs made it on to the album. Here's the tracklist:

01)The Black Path (Intro) 

02) To End All Wars  

03) The Most Evil Spell 

04) All In Tune With The Universe 

05) Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One) 

06) Wolfsstunde 

07) Nothingness 

08) Collapsed Memorials 

09) Close To The Wind  

10) Worlds Apart 

11) Pure Anger (The Hex) 

12) 10050 

13) Cigarette Scars 

14) Glad To Be With You Again 


Severin Schweiger took new photos of the band. Such rewown bands as METALLICA, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, MARYLIN MANSON and STONE SOUR have had their picture taken by this man. The new pics will up on our home- and our myspace page. KOMA-GRAFIK who joined our team for the artwork, who have worked for IN FLAMES, SONIC SYNDICATE, LACUNA COIL and DISBELIEF. The new  artwork will be online for the single-release.


The BLACK PATH TOUR begins in mid-april:

17.04. Viper Room    A - WIEN

18.04. Bauhof    A - PETTENBACH

19.04. Höller    A - ST. PETER/WIMBERG

21.04. Underground    Köln

22.04. Matrix    Bochum

23.04. Cafe Central    Weinheim

25.04. Factory    Magdeburg

26.04. Stadthalle    Erbendorf

27.04. Nachtleben    Frankfurt/Main

30.04  Barfly    Sonthofen

01.05. Substage    Karlsruhe

02.05. Roxy    Ulm

03.05. Klärwerk    Amberg

05.05. Hirsch    Nürnberg

More dates and festivals are soon to follow


A new demo-song can be heard on myspace. "Nothingness" will be the last demo-song, before you can hear the first album-track. Check it out:



Stay tuned to the blog at emilbulls.com for the latest news.

Demoversion of "Nothingness" online

The demo-version of "Nothingness" is online now. Check out http://www.myspace.com/emilbulls and feel free to leave a comment, thank you!

New demo-song on myspace tonight


tonight at about 2100 CET will put anther demo-song online!


Check it out!

Mastering the black path

We're back in our beautiful home in Munich, no time to rest though. This time it's the 4Ohm Studio and Klaus Scheuermann, who produced "The Southern Comfort". He will give "THE BLACK PATH" the final touch. And even if we wondered how he was going to make something near perfect even better, he succeeded at doing so. Sounds pretty heavy! Yes sir!

New Tourdates

There's new tour-dates for the BLACK PATH 2008:

17. Apr AUT/ Wien Viper Room

18. Apr AUT/ Pettenbach Bauhof

19. Apr AUT/ St.Peter/Wimberg Höller

21. Apr Köln Underground

22. Apr Bochum Matrix

23. Apr Weinheim Cafe Central

25. Apr Magdeburg Factory

26. Apr Erbendorf Stadthalle

27. Apr FFM Nachtleben

30. Apr Sonthofen Barfly

01. Mai Karlsruhe Substage

02. Mai Ulm Roxy

03. Mai Amberg Klärwerk

05. Mai Nürnberg Hirsch




 31.05.2008  die festung rockt - kronach

 22.08.2008  mini rock festival - horb

 28.06.2008  mach1 festival - Montabaur bei koblenz

A recommendation


we'd like to warmly recommend a record that came out in Germany a couple of days ago:

Grantig - "So muss es sein"

A killer-record you should definitely check out. You'll love it or hate it.

Also visit their website at http://www.grantig.com/ 

Check them out, we love it!



"THE BLACK PATH" mix has just been completed at 04:40 AM!!!

Wir going for drinks


Christoph, Jakob and Chrissy

The Mix - Final Touch

Hello all,

for a change this is our heroes' management writing. Since the musicians are all busybusy and only leave the mix for a smoke, food or a dump I thought I'd keep you updated with the latest news. Yesterday we had the press -namely the Rockoon - at the studio for a mice little studio-report. You don't want to miss that.
Plus we got a visit from studio-owner, producer-legend and Eloy-fronter Frank Bornemann who dropped in to see what our boys are up to.
He was well impressed by our producers' skills and how they lift the Bulls' sound to new spheres. He also had a couple of great stories to tell, which he did with great enthusiasm. In the end he stayed for 2 hours. Very amusing.
About the sound: This is the first time for me hearing the new recordings. And I can say that I couldn't say a thing anymore. Unbelievably good, great, phenomenal. Never have I heard Christophs voice so multifaceted. The Songs are just brilliant. I'm really impressed by the band, Beny Richter and Jakob Bernhart who is mixing a sound some megastars would die for. I'm very very happy.

All the best to you,



The Mix

A big fat hullo and how do you do from Hannover!

We're heavily involved in the mix and it's already clear that Mr J-Dawg is laying down the most brutal EmilBulls mix ever. It's the BOMB!

Matthias Mineur popped in for a Metal Hammer Studio report today. And even though the mix isn't quite through yet, we had to give him a little something of what we've been up to here. And as we were talking about the album I realised how far we've come from the beginnings in our mountain refuge in the south. Cut off from the world, we were writing the heaviest Emil Bulls material ever, or rather they just oozed out of our fingertips. We didn't plan for it to be so brutal and were actually quite surprised. But we liked it and there was nothing we could do about it anyway.

Countless conversations, discussion, demoversions, considerations and so on, and now we're here sitting in Hannover and the sound coming from the speakers screams a "Hell Fucking Yeah!" at us.

That's pretty cool. Still it's time to call it a day for now. There's that point where you don't hear properly anymore, right?

That's why it's enough for now. We'll be back for more tomorrow. I can't wait!

All the best



Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One)

The demosong "Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One) is waiting for your ears at www.myspace.com/emilbulls !

Listen and Comment please. We're very excited!

High spirits = Great vocals

Even through the glas separating the the desk from the vocal booth

And as were all having such a great time, the others can join our choir (Benny, Thomas of Butterfly Coma and Chrissy).

And to keep it up there's those excellent fast-food-junk-whatevers from time to time.

Today's the last day of vocal recordings. Those little "fuck"s and "hey"s and "aaah"s and "oooooh" are just being finished before the vocal tracks will be taken to Hannover, to be placed in Jakob's Mix. This is a quit a logistic task, but hey it's all for that one purpose: the album of the year.

Attention, hold your breath, here we go:

Tonight by about 9 PM CET we'll upload yet another demosong for "THE BLACK PATH" to our Myspace page (myspace.com/emilbulls)!

"Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One)" is waiting to bust your synapses and generally rock your socks off.